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All fiberglass semi-scale sailplane
The ASH-26 manufactured by Schleicher, is a high performance open class (18m) glider. This offering is a 1:6 semi-scale reproduction of this very high performance glider. This kit is a nice semi-scale reproduction of this famous airplane, great handling on the slope, very aerobatic, good versatility, nice on tow as well. It is all fiberglass sailplane. The major components are built. The HQ airfoil offers very smooth and forgiving flying characteristics.
ASH-26 is designed for the experienced pilots. Whether you prefer slope soaring, this model is made for you.
 Wingspan:  3000 mm
 Lenght:  1160 mm
 Wing area:  30 dm2
 Weight (empty):  1250 g
 Aerofoil:  HQ 3/15
 Funktions:  ailerons, elevator, flaps, rudder, airbrakes
Content: Epoxy glass fuselage with a white epoxy gelcoat, epoxy glass wings and tail, double-high airbrakes installed, clear canopy, canopy frame, hardware, stickers, instruction 
Cat.Nr.: RM4050
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Segel Modellflug Praxis 2006