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Semi-scale sailplane
This is a semi-scale model of the famous  aerobatic glider MDM-1 Fox from Poland. This plane is available for  soaring and also for aerobatic evolution. The wings are fully sheeted balsa ribs and carbon spar construction, reinforced by fiberglass. Fox is designed for the experienced pilots.
 Wingspan:  2200 mm
 Lenght:  1150 mm
 Wing area:  39,5 dm2
 Weight:  1500 g
 Aerofoil:  RG-15
 Funktions: ailerons, elevator,      rudder
Content: Fiberglass fuselage, wings and tail surface balsa and plywood construction covered with covering film, fiberglass rudder, canopy frame, clear canopy, hardware, stickers, instruction
Cat.Nr.: RM4030