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 Gö-3 Minimoa


Semi-scale sailplane
Minimoa symbolizes the  thirties years of the German soaring. Vintage glider are known for their great look and gentle flying behavior. They are some of the greatest thermal ships you can fly and are a real joy. This plane is available for aero towing and soaring. Minimoa is designed for the experienced pilots. Whether you prefer thermal soaring or slope soaring, this model is made for you.
 Wingspan:  3400 mm
 Lenght:  1380 mm
 Wing area:  72 dm2
 Weight:  2500 g
 Aerofoil:  SD 7055
 Funktions:  ailerons, elevator, rudder
Content: Fiberglass fuselage, wings and tail unit balsa and plywood construction covered with covering film, canopy frame, clear canopy, hardware, stickers, instruction
RM4060W white color, HB-282
RM4060T cream color, Oratex, D-8064